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Garden Update

I have been pondering what I should write about in order to catch you all up on the goings on around here. There are so MANY things to talk about! This post was named 3 times before I finally settled on the garden. First it was "Emmet Cherry Festival", then "Weiser Fiddle Festival", and finally "Cute, Fuzzy Rabbits!"

Ahh, the garden. Can I just say how much I love it! I have never really "gardened" before. Sure I grew a few things. A squash here and there, attempted tomatoes, let lettuce go to seed, but I have never planted a "GARDEN". I never knew how relaxing and peaceful it would be! I have to harvest spinach and lettuce almost every day and every time I go out and sit next to the garden bed to tend the vegetables, I marvel at the peace and quiet.
The sun warming my skin, the sweet breath of wind on my face, and here comes my little boy to join me. "Can I help you, mommy?" he asks with his sweet face beaming up at me.

"Sure, why don't you water the vegetables." I offer. He turns on the hose, starts to water the plants and asks, "When can we pick the vegetables?" and "I want my own garden when I grow up".
"Oh, look a butterfly!" He says with excitement. He drops the hose and runs after it, chasing it all over the garden. After a while he gets frustrated with the chase and pouts "I can't catch it, mom."
"Try sneaking up on it" I say. Then he tries his best imitation of a lion stalking his prey. Crouching down and peering over the vegetables, trying to make himself appear smaller. He succeeds in getting arms width from the fluttery thing but his breath gives him away and the butterfly flies up and over the fence.

Let me take a minute to reflect on the cuteness of that.


O.K., Now for he rest of the story.

The boy stands up quick and stomps his foot. "Man!" he says. "It got away! It's not fair!"

"Oh, that's too bad", I say, "Maybe next time you'll be able to catch one."

He turns toward the garden gate to leave. "I'm going to the house! Stupid butterfly!" he complains, marching away and attempting to take my peace with him.

But no, the garden beckons me back into its tranquility. Nothing spoils the peace and quiet in the little corner of my yard. The strong scent left on my hands when I tend to the tomato plants, the sun nourishing me with its rays, the soft breeze cooling my face.

The sound of water trickling from the hose as I hear the wind rustle the corn leaves. Ahhhhh!

Now, go out side and feel the breeze, soak in the sun, smell a flower. Go. Now, I say!


1 comment:

The Real Me! said...

Oh what a beautiful garden! I love it.
Thanks for sharing with us. Makes me want to go eat a salad!!