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Calorie Counting

I so badly wanted to portray a svelte image on the web but when I ran across this amazing calorie counting website, I had to tell you about it and I have to come clean about my weight. Well, maybe coming clean is a bad choice of words. I am not sure I want to come TOTALLY clean, yet. Lets just say I've put on some weight.....

Anyway, I came across Calorie Counter last week and let me just say, "WOW!" and "I can't believe how cool this is!" and "This is the best tool I have ever seen!" which is what I have been telling my husband all week. If only there had been something like this earlier.... OK I will stop lamenting my past. Calorie Counter is, hands down, the easiest way to count calories.

Remember those days of spending the time buying just the right calorie counting book and just the right notebook. Then after a few days of writing down each ingredient you ate, looking up each item separately and making lists of ingredients or recipes with the calories already calculated so you can refer to them later, you somehow misplace the notebook, or the calorie counting book, or BOTH!

Well, my friends, those days are over! No more hand cramps, goodbye misplaced books, so long frustration, and farewell stress!


With Calorie Counter you can keep track of all aspects of the food you eat, not just calories, and the amount of calories you BURN. The "Food Log" allows you to search their extensive data base and displays a complete "Nutrition Facts" chart for food items, just like what you find on food packaging. If you can not find a particular food item, you have the option of typing in your food's nutrition facts and saving it for your use later. You can also suggest they add a food to their database. The Food Log keeps a list of all the food you enter and gives it a "grade". For instance; Spinach, cooked without salt is graded as an "A" and One Lifesavers candy is a D+. You are given a "grade average" based on the food you enter.

The Activity log works the same way, choose an activity from the database or type in your own. Calorie Counter also keeps track of your weight based on the information you provide when you sign up and lets you type in your weight as you go.

They provide a community section where you can join a forum, join a group and keep your own journal. We all know how important it is to be able to have a "buddy" to help you in times of stress.

The food section is the coolest! Along with the food log mentioned above, it provides a recipe section, an "add your own recipe" section and a unit converter. The 1st amazing thing about the recipe section is that if you choose to make one of the recipes from their database, you can add it to your food log and the TOTAL nutrition facts for the whole recipe are calculated for you! The 2nd amazing thing is when you add your own recipe it also calculates the total nutrition facts! Do you KNOW how much time that saves!!!

Calorie Counter also provides a great exercise section where you can find a recommended exercise program and a workout center with tutorials and video's. I haven't delved to deeply into this yet but the section looks great!

Last but not least and probably the most important is the Tools section providing a Diet Profile, BMI tool, Burn Meter and Calorie Target. Your Diet Profile is based on the questions you answer when you sign up. It helps you to realize what contributes to your weight issues and how to overcome them. The BMI tool, is just what it sounds like, calculates your BMI. The Burn Meter takes your gender, age, current weight, height and current activity level and calculates how many calories you burn per day. This helps in determining how many calories you should limit yourself at in order to loss weight. You are in control of your weight loss with these tools.

Boy, I sound like I am trying to sell a product here, don't I? I'm just so excited about this tool! Calorie Counter has taken the stress out of weight loss for me. Oh, and another thing, if you use Firefox web browser, you can download a toolbar that shows you an eat meter, how much weight you have lost, your current grade average and handy links to the website in order to enter your information. This is so motivating and conveinient. You do not need to have Calorie Counter website on all day in order to use it.

Calorie Counter is FREE to use. It is so wonderful I am afraid they might start charging someday. Until then I am going to be using it and will post what happens periodically.

Hope you all have a great day!

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