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Nicknames For My Kids and Husband

I need to come up with alias's for my kids. It is so difficult to write about them without having something to call them besides "the little boy" and "the older boy" and "my daughter" So here are some ideas.

Daughter nicknames:
  • Swee'pea- This is what we called her when she was born. Her Daddy looked a lot like Robin Williams in the movie "Popeye" and could even do the squinty eye thing. So naturally, the first born had to be known as "Swee'pea". Watch Robin Williams and Shelley Duval singing "Sailin"
  • Fred- I don't know why exactly, but my husband calls all the kids "Fred". My grandfathers name was Fred, so it's enduring to me, but I don't think that has anything to do with his naming them that.
  • Turkey Gizzard- Is also a name my husband uses for all the kids. I guess it's easier for him to have one name for all of them? What's that say about his memory?
  • Emberlee Lou- Aww, I like this one. This name is sweet just like my daughter. Maybe I shall pick this one for her.
Older Son Nicknames:
  • Spudnick- I think this originated from the potato names we have called our kids. Their names sort of rhyme with potato products. I know, we are weird. Then, just because the Russian satellite has the name "spud" in it, the nickname became "Spudnick"
  • Sparrow Spett- A name my son came up with on his own. He wanted us to call him this for a short time. I don't know where it came from.
  • Fred #2- you know why.
Youngest Son Nicknames:
  • GooGa- Don't ask me... My older son just started calling the younger one GooGa. Little one hates it and that's why it's fun to use, but.... I probably shouldn't use it.
  • Short Round- Daddy calls him this sometimes. He's short, He's round.
  • Fred #3- What can I say? It makes things easier.
My Husband's Nicknames:
  • Honey, Sweetie, Babe, and others- I think I have been calling him "Honey" on this blog. I might leave it that way but, hmmmm, let's see if I have others.
  • Popeye- I could do this but then I would have to change my name to Olive Oyl and I already have a name on this blog. Changing my name would be confusing and I would have to rename my blog to "Olive Oyl's at Home" or Olive's House". Besides, I look NOTHING like her. Maybe I could be known as "EVOO"? No, I don't think that's a good idea......
  • Honeybear: O.K. before we were married, my sister and brother-in-law helped me move to California. We had "walkie-talkies" to make communicating between the vehicles more convenient. So my brother in law decided it would be fun to come up with "handles" to use while we talked on the Walkie Talkies. Well, my husband had shared his nickname for me with them (he called me Sweet Cheeks and I am sure he meant the one's on my face!). My brother-in-law surprised me that he knew mine. So I had to tell them what I called my husband. I know it's corny. But that's my story, and yadda, yadda, yadda!
Well, I think I have one for my daughter now. But I'm still struggling with the others. I will have to keep thinking about this and let you know what I come up with.

;) Gruvinmom

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