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OK, so I haven't written in a while....

Life is so busy. I have been catching up on the other blogs I follow and realized how long it has been since I have written anything on my own. My goal was to use this blog as a means to make a habit of writing on a regular basis. So far I am failing miserably.

I have decided to write a list of random things going on in my life in an attempt to get the ball rolling again. Here we go!

  1. School started and I purchased a new curriculum THIS week. How dumb is that!
  2. I have boxes of books all over the house that I cannot seem to get rid of.
  3. Yesterday, when my husband asked the kids if they would help him remember something, Taterman (my youngest son) said, "My brain isn't big enough too remember to remind people of things." Too funny!
  4. I planted my garden according to the "Square Foot Gardening" Technique, but did not finish setting up the trellises so now my squash is running over my other veggies.
  5. I think I have lost my yellow summer squash to a ugly "squash bug". :(
  6. My tomato plants are now taller than me! Is that normal?
  7. The Broccoli didn't produce anything edible.
  8. I have 3 beautiful pumpkins! One for each kid!
  9. I am going to go with my mom and sister to our regular hair appointment today. It is a girls day out! I love it!
  10. I have been re-learning the art of photography and I LOVE IT! I studied photography in high school but it never really "clicked" till now.
  11. My husband invited me and the kids along on a "business 'day' trip" this week so that I could take some pictures. He is so good to me. I completely wore him out because a 2 hour trip became a half day trip just so I could take photographs. He didn't complain. Not once.
  12. We have started to attend a "family integrated" church. Well, we started in May. I have NEVER in my life been in a room full of children from infant to teen and not hear them! I am amazed every Sunday!
  13. I haven't walked once this week and I am starting to feel like I might not return to it. That bothers me, a lot.
  14. My husband will attend the last Bible study meeting tonight, then they will take a break from studies while us women start ours. He has learned a lot and has been blessed by it.
  15. I love my husband so much!
  16. I love my kids so much!
  17. Now, I can't think of anything else to say besides all this mushy stuff about how much I love my family and how great they are so I will spare you from all that stuff and end this now.
Till next time,

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