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Indian Creek Festival 2009 (with some Good Ole Manly Demolition thrown in)

I realize I haven't posted anything recently about Irish dance so here are some pictures of Irish Dance Idaho at the Indian Creek Festival in Caldwell, Idaho.  I love going to this festival!  This town has done some beautiful renovating of their downtown area. The festival "is a celebration of the economic and aesthetic resurrection of Caldwell City Center including the daylighting and restoration of Indian Creek and redevelopment of the downtown to create a great place to live, work, play and shop." (taken from their website You might want to look at the background of these pictures to see how they have beautified the downtown area.  This year marked their 7th Annual Festival and I think we have danced at them all, but don't quote me on that.  I have a hard time keeping up..... 
Where was I......
Oh, sorry. That's me not keeping up.....

This picture shows the group in front of the train depot that, I think I heard, started the whole restoration process.  It is now a museum and a real cool place to take pictures!  The fountain behind them is so cool! It was built to commemorate the railroad and goes through a transformation whenever a train goes by the depot.  It is the only one in Idaho that does this.  

Level 4/Gold Team posing. Notice the fountain in the background?

I thought this guy was an interesting subject.  He was involved in the beginning ceremonies. I loved his jacket!

Look at all those buttons on his jacket!

The local marching band came by our stage.

Too loud for Taterman!

The back of the train depot


Inside the train depot.  They had a nice gift shop area and a cool train set up in there.

Taterman got to be what he always wanted to be!

On second thought, maybe he wants to be like his Dad!


 Cool dog!  I had to take a picture.

Cooler car!  

Tateramn is such a poser! He is the only one in the family who likes to have his picture taken!

 Sculpture in Indian Creek.

 We found a nice spot on the banks of Indian Creek.  We had no idea an event was going to take place on the other side of the creek.  We just happen to have a pretty good spot to witness....

the ceremonial demolition of a building in downtown Caldwell.

This is sot the end of the story. Stay tuned, for tomorrow I will post "the rest of the story"!  Let me just say, my husband got to flex his muscles that day!



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