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Indian Creek Festival 2 -The Good Ole Demolition

Yes, I know you've been waiting on pins and needles for Part 2 and I am so sorry I have made you wait for it. I figured it wouldn't be fair to start blogging again and not finish this story first.

Let me recap from last years post.  We attended the Indian Creek Festival with Irish Dance Idaho in September. One if my favorite festivals. I love the area for so many reasons.  The clean appearance, the nicely manicured common areas, the renovated old buildings, and the creek that runs through it.  Which, by the way, runs near my house, too!
After the performance we walked around town admiring the cars entered in the car show and settled down in a shady spot on the banks of the creek.

When we noticed a crowd was gathering on the other side of the creek, and realized we had unknowingly positioned ourselves within view of a ceremonial demolition about to take place.

There it is, the BIG building wrecker poised to demolish that brick building. They even painted a bullseye on the wall. Thats there just in case the operator of the BIG building wrecker machine has trouble finding the wall, I guess.

As the crowd gathered, we realized we would probably not get to see the spectacle.  The Mayor of Caldwell came out to announce their plans for the area. The presentation was a long one. It is really hard to sit there and pretend we cared about what they are going to do when that BIG building wrecker was sitting there! We wanted to see some action, man! 

Then, all of a sudden, the crowd parted, officials started moving the people back and started up the BIG building wrecker, The operator maneuvered it into place and we waited ever so excited, expecting fireworks or something to come shooting out of the building when it was hit with the bucket and the building to come crashing down in an awesome display! Well, that didn't happen.  The BIG building wrecker turned out to be too wimpy to handle the demolition and after the operator smacked the wall for a little while, resulting in some of the bricks falling off the wall, the BIG muscle bearing workmen came in and hammered away at the wall UNTIL, well...... until they made a hole in the wall. And there endeth the demolition. *Sigh*

Here is a close up of THE BIG HOLE they made.  I was disappointed. They really set us up for something spectacular with the big bullseye they painted on the wall. Geez!

After that, the workman let a few of the onlookers try out there strength and hammer at the wall, too. It looked like so much fun that my husband wanted to go over there and flex his muscles. You know, just to see if he could still swing a sledge.  I encouraged him, cause, well... I like to watch my husband flex his muscles! 

Here he is testing out the tools and choosing the one he likes the best.


Wham! Hey, This reminds me of those old Batman TV shows when they would get into a fight and the words would appear on the screen, like Zap!, Ka-Pow!, Bang!,  "Holy heart failure, Batman!"   Hahahaha! 

Robin, er... I mean, Fred taking his turn. Winding up for the smack, and....


I think he probably walked a way with a pretty high respect of his dad! That's hard work!

"To the Batmobile, Robin!" Da,da,da,da,da! (K, now, you have to sing that part. Otherwise it doesn't make sense. Humor me, people!)

 Taterman took home a brick to remember the occasion.  Now I have to find a place for it in the garden.

And this is what dear husband got to bring home with him.  It was a fun day! 


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