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Really Good Advice

I read some really good advice today that I wanted to share with you. Sometimes you run across someones blog and they say the things you wish you could have said.  It's even better when they crack you up when they write it!  I love Mrs. G's style.  She says it like it is and I really appreciate it when people speak the truth. Here's the link:

Mama Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Deadbeats By Mrs. G, Contributor to The Pioneer Woman

In other news...

We are currently trying to rid our house of mice. Again.  About this time every year we are infested.  I wish I could find the hole they use to get in and stop it up, but my dad told us it really doesn't matter what we do to try to keep them out.  He has seen them chew right through a 2x4.  If you have had success in keeping mice out of your house, please let me know!  Having mice in the house just gives me the heebie jeebies! (Did I spell that right?)

Also, we will be celebrating two birthdays on Halloween! My brother-in-law and my "Aunt-in-law" were both born on this most interesting of holiday's.  It has really been a blessing in disguise as we always celebrate birthdays instead of Halloween.  (get it? disguise...Halloween? Oh never mind)  My sister always makes stew inside a pumpkin for dinner, we have pumpkin desserts and dress up.  It's a lot of fun!

Well, another day is over and I posted an entry in this here blog.  
Thanks for listening!

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