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Honey, What should I write about? Or Beans, its what's for dinner!

I've been sitting here trying to come up with something interesting to write about and I keep thinking my life cannot be this boring, can it? I mean really, who wants to hear what we are doing in school everyday and what we ate for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (I made pinto beans, by the way), or how much fun I am having reminding the children to do their chores fifty. times. a. day? So I am sitting here, watching my husband play "Yacht" on Facebook and had the following conversation with my husband:

Me "Do you have any ideas for me to write about?"

Him "No."

Me "You don't have any ideas for me?"

Him "Nope."

Me "Well, I was thinking maybe I would write about things that make me laugh, or things that make you go Hmmm? (Reminds me of a song....)
I also thought I might write about Gimp but I just don't feel like writing a review right now. I'm not in the mood."

Him "Well, You could always write about 'Beans...are they really the magical fruit?'."

Until next time,

Now I need a title for this post. Uh, Honey, What do you think I should use for a title?



The Real Me! said...

Too cute my friend. I always wonder why people keep reading my blog but then realize it's for the laughs. It doesn't always have to make sense or have a deep meaning behind it, because when they start getting to know you, we like knowing you made beans for dinner! LOL
Hugs to you my friend.

Gruvinmom said...

You are so kind! I really appreciate your encouragement. I haven't quite established the habit of writing yet, but I'll keep plugging away!