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Lessons in Canning Tomatoes

It is so important to pass down skills from one generation to the next. I hope this inspires you to spend time with your loved ones and learn something new.

We learned how to can tomatoes today with Grandma. I was supposed to be doing this in order to learn how to can but I spent the whole time taking pictures. However, I am sure that with my "photographic" memory, I should be able to remember everything. If I don't, I have some pretty smart kids that can teach me how to do it!

I have put together a little something in order to share our experience with you, Enjoy!

Until next time,
Gruvinmom ;)


The Real Me! said...

For whatever reason (it's probably my dinosaur computer) I couldn't play the video. *sigh*
I do want to learn to do that though!

Gruvinmom said...

I'm sorry to hear that! I hope your computer comes out of the hospital soon! The video doesn't necessarily teach you how to can. But that gave me an idea! I will post something on how we processed the tomatoes. It will help me remember what we did!