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More Silly Conversations

Here are a couple funny things the kids have said this week.  I hope they entertain you!

We're all in the car and Taterman suddenly says, "Some farmer beans and a nice fiancé!"

That caused a lot of giggles and I had to ask, "Do you mean 'Some Fava beans and a nice Chianti?'" and almost in the same breath, "Where did you hear that?!?", thinking to myself the only place I think I have ever heard that is from a certain Anthony Hopkins movie and how in the world did my son hear it?
From the back I hear a chorus of "Garfield!". Evidently there is a scene in the 2nd movie where Garfield says that infamous line. Whew....

Today,I heard this little conversation during lunch ;)
Dad: Too much soup! You need to put some of that back, Fred.
Fred: I'm a gluten! I want to be a gluten!
Dad:  You mean you want to be a glutton?

Have a great weekend!


1 comment:

The Real Me! said...

Oh very cute my friend. My kids keep me laughing with the things they say too!!!